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hang tag Manufacturer in India

Hang tags also known as swing tags, are an excellent way to publicize your company's identity. Swing tags are simple to make and inexpensive. Create your own paper hang tags for clothing branding, gifting, or special retail packaging.

Paper clothing hang tags increase retail sales, particularly when a product line needs to project a specific image or promote a special sale. The success of the campaign is dependent on the design of the hang tag: In a split second, you must command attention, tell your story, and project your image. At a glance, your shop hang tags should tell your customers what they can expect from your product: a trendy lifestyle, high-quality materials, and a great deal.

Lordship allows you to create your own swing tags online and customize them with a logo, brand name, slogan, contact information or product description with full color digital printing. They are ideal for clothing items or to label your products in your shop. They can be paired with price stickers and marked with differing size indications.


Swing Tags are another wonderful way to express your message. In the fashion world, these are an integral part of brand communication. Swing tags make your products even more stylish and are an instant viewpoint for your customers to get a feel for your brand ethos. These beautiful Swing Tags can be used on special occasions for gift purposes such as weddings, functions and so on.

There are many different paper stocks to choose for the right purposes and finishes. Also, we are the cut and dye specialists so no shape, size or finish is out of the question for hang tags. Even a tiny or odd shaped tag can be fashioned. We can add holes and cut out features wherever you like and now with digital printing.